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Your website is the backbone of your company. Reaching your customers with your website is a vital key to the user experience. Optimization for your website will help to keep customers coming back to your site. Build your brand, create trust, and establish a social presnece. 

Why your website isn't reaching any customers

I have a website but no customers

Building a website from scratch is difficult from purchasing and connecting the domain, to perfectly optimizing each page for Google search results. They told you to build a website so you did, they also told you that having a website would bring you customers, but it hasn't happened like you expected. The picture below is a four step process that Market Crave uses to drive traffic to your website. 

Below is a checklist of things you can do better within your brand and website to help generate leads into customers.  

1.  Solve problems-Most website content aims to show how great you or your brand is. Try to focus more on what problem you solve and what value you can give the customer. 

2.Focus on results, not features-People lie numbers don't. Tell your customers the benefits and value that your products and services have to offer them. Focus on the needs and wants of the customer and not the features of your products and services. 

3.Focus on your customer, not yourself- instead of focusing on what you do, what you sell, or why your brand is awesome, try focusing on why your customers should care. How can you help them? How do you connect with them? Make their lives better

4.Build your brand-people are more likely inclined to buy from you when your quality of what you sell is matched to the quality of your brand identity. Building your brand requires trust, communication, and effort. Build a reputation around your company, products, and services. 

5.Get to know your customers before they need you- The majority of people won't click on a link and buy stuff from people they don't know. They favor brands they know and love. Repeat visitors have two to three times higher click-through rate than new visitors. Figure out unique ways to reach your target market before they decided to go with another brand. 

6.Help people to like, trust and know you- You want people to like and trust you. Engage with your audience and customers on social media to show your true personality. Having an "About Me" page on your website can also allow visitors to get a better feel of who you are. 

7.Give your customers and following a reason to come back-Give your customers a reason to come back to your site. Your customer wants to stay up to date with content and statuses by educating and engaging with them on how you give value to them. 

8.Attract the right customers-You want to make sure you have the right target audience directed toward your site. Conversion rates and SEO tactics are an essential part of reaching the customers most interested in your products or services. 

9.Get friendly with optimizing conversion rates- Help yourself by turning visitors into customers. In order to better the user experience optimization of your website design will be a key part in conversion rates

10. Improve the user experience- biggest challenges of websites today are the user experiences. Having a slow website can distract and discourage visitors from returning to your website. Increasing your websites speed and performance is a key element in user experience. 

Christopher Spilker