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Market Crave Podcast Ep. 2

This podcast episode covers a brief overview of finding "The One Thing" to make everything easier in your life. The book does well to help anyone looking to understand effective goal setting, creating lifelong habits, and the ability to create yourself in the sense of finding your one thing!


WHATS UP MARKETING PRO'S! So glad for you to be back and better educate yourself on your journey through your digital marketing career. 

Podcast overview

Intro-Brief Overview of a book I just finished "The One Thing The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results"

Finding "The One Thing" is similar to a domino effect as explained by Gary Keller in the book. Ask yourself whats the one thing that by doing so everything else in my will become easier. 

Next we focus on how finding your "One Thing" can be applied to personal branding, business, and social media

On a final note we conclude the podcast with understanding effective goal setting, creating life long habits, and the ability to find your why and then create it. 

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