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What is your V.R.I.N score & how to use it to your advantage for social media

V.R.I.N. Score & Content Creation 

Social media has become a powerful tool for personal branding and business. Now you cant just post anything that comes to mind. Creating top quality content takes time and strategic planning. Maintaining a high V.R.I.N score is a proven strategy to keep your viewers engaged. 

Now you might be asking yourself what the hell does V.R.I.N stand for? 



I-Inimitable (Is your content hard to copy or duplicate?) 

N-Non Substitutable (Are there a lot of other posts like yours) 

Each category can be rated on a scale from 1-10, (10 being the best & 1 the worst) to calculate your main score you add up each category score and divide by 4 to get your average V.R.I.N. 


Value is one of the most crucial components of business and social media. Any marketer or business owner needs to ask themselves how can I show my following or audience that my content is valuable? For example, a comparison between brushing your teeth and teeth whitening can show you the value of how V.R.I.N does well to boost your social media posts. An account that posts the same content regarding their products, services, and sales over and over with no spark or relevant content is like brushing your teeth daily, however, on the contrary whitening, your teeth are special or aka the value. Teeth whitening is when an account posts something that it's following, users, or audience likes, admires or can relate to.  Value is what separates your content from every other post out on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

The best way to understand the value you should be creating is to understand what customers really like about your brand or business and then post it regularly. If you own a sports clothing company post pictures of your best sellers or have customers send you pics & videos of them wearing your brand and repost it to your accounts. 


This is one of the most common lacked qualities of social media. I continuously see others copying or duplicating content in subjects that have already been created and duplicated many times. For example, all the "How to tutorials", or the "I made this much doing this.....videos". Finding the rare main highlights of your business is the first step to creating rare content. Separate yourself from the majority is not easy by no means you must post content that isn't being circulated regulatory on these social media platforms. 

The best way to show rarity within your business is to show the processes of how you created that awesome desert, or how you apply your best selling hair products to your hair. The majority of people love to see the creation process done by the owners or workers. 


This is where you as a content creator can separate yourself from all the social media gurus out there. Inimitable refers to the inability of others to reproduce the content. This concept sounds similar to rarity, however, having a high "I" score will allow your content not to be duplicated. Consistently posting images, text, and videos to your viewers that they can't find anyone else on the web will naturally have users gravitating towards your account ready to engage and interact.

Good examples of a high score in this category would be a personal trainer who has 30 plus years of experience and has helped thousands of individuals get fit, feel healthy, and better themselves. By showcasing these attributes it allows users to see that his training skills can't be copied or duplicated. Taking before and after pictures of any kind is also a great way to have a high score in this category. These types of before and after posts have some of the highest social proof across the social media platforms. 


When someone realizes that they cannot live without your exact product or service you have nailed the non-substitutable category. Think of stars on sports teams nobody can replace them. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is a legend around the world when it comes to Soccer. Yes, the team he plays for Real Madrid has many soccer players some of which are stars however, they cant replace Ronaldo or LeBron if you relate more to basketball.  A key tactic to obtaining a high score in this category can be shown by posting things that include your products or services statistics. For example "90% of people who used this brand protein saw better muscle growth and recovery, or "our sports clothing helps to burn calories 50% faster than other sports clothing gear. 

Ideally obtaining a good V.R.I.N score will take time and practice. A good social proof rule to live by is to not post anything with a V.R.I.N. below a 5. Posting below this score will waste your time and make you look bad in the eyes of your customers. Keep each score around a 7 or an 8 and your businesses social media proof will explode. 

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Christopher Spilker