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Content Creation

Content Creation

Content is king! Im sure you have heard that before. Content is what's inside your website and social platforms. Content can be text, images, and videos. Most local businesses appoint the creation of their website to IT technicians or worse yet, a close family member. Content creation is a vital element to any social media campaign. Content if placed correctly on your website or social platforms can hook many potential customers.  

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What We DO

We at Market Crave aim to create original content that is a professional representation of your brand. We create micro-content strategically for the use of social media channels. Micro-content is content specifically created for the channel it is posted on. Micro content's use is solely for engaging your social media fans and followers. The first step we take in every new social media campaign is to learn your business. Every new client Market Crave is able to work with is required to complete a business assessment. From this business assessment we interrupt and identify what makes your brand unique, what type of content your target audience likes to consume, and develop a content strategy with you to make sure our goals are aligned to your expectations. 

Key Benefits

  • Tells your brands story
  • Engages your customers
  • Highlights your staff
  • Shows off your products and services
  • Gathers reviews from customers both in-store and online with review generation; we have the ability to control which reviews go public and which stay private. 

Increase your brand's online reputation and presence by creating valuable content and management activity that translates into customers. 

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